WordPress: what is it and why you should love it

WordPress is what’s called a Content Management System (CMS). What that means is that instead of designing every part of the website from the ground up – you just install a website in kit form “straight out of the box” with everything you need already set up and ready to go. Not only that, there are thousands of handy little plugins you can add to the basic website “kit”. So if there is anything you can think of to add to a website – all  you need to do is install the right plugin for it.

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What is SEO (and keep it simple!)

We are often asked for simple explanation about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). What is it and how does it work? Put simply, Google scans your website every now and again and uses what it finds to work out what your website is all about. Google also uses what it finds to decide how relevant you would be to a particular question put to it by somebody doing a Google Search.

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So quickly, how useful is social media?

Not very! A controversial statement but it got your attention.

Before we get started, this article is about the usefulness of social media to your business. Not advertising on social media or monetising your social media accounts.

For most small and medium businesses social media can be very useful but only for certain things and a lot depends on the industry you are in.

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