Social Media

We can set up your social media presence. We will advise you on what is right for your particular type of business and what is not.

Copy Writing

We can write readable, engaging and SEO compliant copy for your website and advise on the effective use of imagery.

WordPress and WooCommerce

WordPress (and its e-commerce plugin WooCommerce) is the most popular and powerful Content Management System in the world. We can help you to get the maximum leverage out of the powerhouse that is the WordPress universe.

Backup & Security

In an age when even governments can not always protect their websites – you need a website that is hardened against attack or disaster.  But you also need to be backed up and be able to restore from that backup.


Everything we have built, all resources we have used on your behalf are yours. That means backups, code, imagery, copy writing, account logins, backups – everything that we have ever done for you – will be available to you independently of PreBuiltWeb.Site. If you are dissatisfied – you will always be able to walk away and take your website with you.

Hosting & Domains

We can provide hosting for your new website and a domain name. We are also happy to advise you on what to consider when choosing a new domain name.


We build e-commerce and brochure websites for you from the ground up using pre built components and plugin functionality. We can produce and assemble all of the resources and components you need for your particular business. We will advise you on how best to use your website and the internet to achieve your goals.



We can do every single thing that you need to get online – or you can just pick and choose what you need help with and what you can do for your self. We can set up or advise you on every aspect of establishing your business online. We will advise you honestly on what you need and just as importantly – what you do not need – to build your web presence and maximise the return on your investment.



“Search Engine Optimisation” is the art (and science) of building the best relationship possible with Google and the other search engines so that you get the best Page Ranking Score possible for your website. There are things we will do but there are things you need to do to as well (it is not all about the website).  We will guide and advise on getting the best out of customer search. “Pay Per Click” is advertising on Google. It can be very complicated – but very lucrative!


All of our products come with “one on one” training. Many of our clients want the safety of getting experts to set up and establish their web presence but also want to learn how to run their online business themselves. We have services geared towards clients who wish to learn how to become independent webmasters and do it themselves (although we will always be there to help and advise).

What Do I Need?

Your website is just one component of an online business. Social media, SEO, effective marketing, knowing what services to sign up for, advertising online…. The list is large and getting bigger every day. What do I need to know? What works? What doesn’t? How does it all fit together? There will be some things that are uniquely suitable for your particular business and some things that are not. We will provide training and guidance and we LOVE questions.

Graphic Design & Copy Services

We can design logos, business cards, letterhead, email signatures, flyers, advertising and any other graphic design work needed for your business. We can also produce web, social media or advertising copy to achieve your goals online. We can also advise you on “best practice” and on the technical limitations (and opportunities) of the written word and graphic design for websites and your online presence.